Friday, February 4, 2011

101/1001 Update

As promised I am actually following through with my 101 in 1001 list, and this month I have made a bit of progress. I crossed 7 things off of the list and I have made a start on quite a few more. So I am pretty proud of myself so far. I also went back to my original list and updated it there so I can really keep track on how I am going with it all. So far so good!

Here is what I crossed off of the list in January 2011...

Image by cogdogblog

#19 - Start a compost
Yep I have some compost sitting and festering out in the backyard the only problem is I'm not sure how to use it and how I know when it is ready to use. I think I need to do some googling.

#20 Start a home decorating inspiration journal

#20 - Start a home decorating inspiration journal
I started this on Sunday night and it was a lot of fun! I have a whole stack of magazine clippings so I sorted through them all and then started gluing them in - I also did lots of little doodles on each page. I think it looks quite pretty.

#35 Sew a softie

#35 - Sew a softie
I sewed up this little baby for the Strumpet's Crumpets Valentine craft swap and even better I am going to post up a tutorial for this tomorrow!

 Image by lookforthewoman

#46 - Create a recipe database on Yum
I have started entering all of the recipes that I actually think are worth making again onto my Yum database on my MacBook - should make it a lot easier to choose something to cook for dinner.

#59 Go to the beach

#59 - Go to the beach
Did this with my sister, cousin, Zoe and Grace. Unfortunately since I was looking after Grace I didn't get to go in the water - maybe next time!

 Image by michaelfritz

#74 - Create a business plan
Done and done - but already I think it needs altering.

iTunes Album Cover Art - 2008
 Image by tim.perdue

#90 - Sort out my music library on iTunes
Finally finished loading up all of my CDs on to iTunes, but now my BFF has given me her massive CD wallet so I need to start loading up some more music - and then to make some play lists!

I've also made some progress on a few other items:

#1 - Achieve my goal weight of 60 kilograms
I am now down to 73.5kg - 13.5kg to go!

#14 - Save $5,000
I saved $1,075 this month (with lots of thanks to the Baby Bonus)

#32 - Toilet train Zoe
I have got the supplies - potty, undies, start chart - just need to get started!

#41 - Finish my mosaic pots
I have got all of the supplies I need so I can finally finish these things.

#45 - Complete a 365 day photo challenge
I started on the 1st of January and haven't missed a day yet!

#78 - Finish studying Marketing & Society
I have enrolled and ordered my text book and the course starts on the 28th of February.

#91 - Make an exercise play list
I am making one very slowly.

And this month I want to work on...

#7 - Stop biting my nails
 #32 - Toilet train Zoe
#41 - Finish my mosaic pots
#55 - Go on a picnic
#57 - Go to the botanical gardens in the hills
#78 - Finish studying Marketing & Society
#95 - Get a nice address book and fill it up with family & friends
#96 - Sell something on eBay


Kat said...

Wow! You sure have made a lot of progress this month. I have slowly but surely been crossing stuff off my list as well. I just can't believe I started mine in Nov 2009. It seems so long ago. I only have till August next year to finish.

Sarah Knight said...

Sounds like quite a productive month!
Keep up the accomplishments!
: )

Gabbi said...

I'm with you on the itunes :) Such a dork huh, but seriously, my itunes is a mess...