Monday, February 14, 2011

Move it to Lose it - Week 8

Move it to lose it - 12 Week Challenge

Starting weight: 75.2kg 
Previous weight: 72.2kg 
Current weight: 71.9kg

Not a big loss this week - but still a loss is a loss, right? Another 300 grams gone - hopefully never to be seen again! That means I am just 900 grams from my pre-pregnancy weight - it is so close I can feel it. I guess this week I probably wasn't as good as I should have been - but I didn't slip up too much so I was kind of disappointed that I only had a small loss.

I have started to think - how can I continue to keep myself motivated? And once I do lose all the weight that I want to, how am I going to maintain it? I think my main problem is that I am an emotional and bored eater. As soon as I am feeling down/angry/upset/worried/whatever I want something sweet. When I have nothing to do I want to eat something sweet. Hell I just want to eat sweet things all of the time.

How I did on last weeks goals...
  1. Eat reasonable portion sizes at every meal - yep
  2. Eat healthy meals - except for one dessert in the week - nope I ended up having 3 desserts and a bit of chocolate on a few days - naughty Alicia!
  3. Drink at least 2L of water every day - yep
  4. Use the Wii Fit 5 times - I actually did it 6 times this week
  5. Go for at least 2 walks with the girls - went on 4 walks with the girls to try to make up for all the sweets I ate
  6. Keep a food journal so that I can see where I am going wrong - I slacked off, probably around the time that I started eating badly
And my goals for next week are pretty much the same - except I am definitely going to keep a food journal and then I am going to post up what I ate next week so that I can be totally accountable! *scary*

My question to you deer readers is how do you control your eating habits? How do you stop being an emotional eater?


Kat said...

I am a massive emotional eater! I can't help it. I keep a diary of what I eat so I don't go too crazy. It helps me to see what I have eaten and whether I am having too many bad foods a day.

Mel said...

I find it hard too! I've had to start being strict and asking myself - am I really hungry, do I really need this? Especially at work where we have a social club chips/chocolate/lollies cupboard less than 10m from my desk (and so hard when everyone else is eating from it). I've found that keeping myself busy really helps too - means I'm less likely to get bored and therefore eat. Oh and going shopping after dinner helps because I'm less likely to buy bad foods and if they're not in the cupboard I can't eat them (by the time I've cooked something I'm usually over it).

I could never keep a diary - I know I'd cheat to make myself 'look' good. ;)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Good for you!!! A loss is still a loss. I'm trying to eat 3 meals a day so I don't snack at much & try not to go overboard on dinner. I'm struggling but knowing other people are trying to lose too makes me more motivated! =) Thanks for the tips!!

Melanie's Randomness

By the Bluegrass said...

Jeez, when you figure that one out...let me know. If I'm stressed I want chocolate. If I'm bored, I want chocolate or some other sweet. If I'm really happy....well, you get the drift.
But, it looks like you are doing a great job! I say just keep up with the good and don't be so hard on yourself about the bad. Happy Valentine's Day, mon amie!