Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions (My 101 in 1001 list)

So we are officially in 2011 - welcome to the new year everybody! This year I've decided that I am going to be the best that I have ever been before in my life and so I've decided to give the whole 101 in 1001 thing another try (here is my previous 101 in 1001 attempt, that I abandoned very quickly) - but this time I am actually going to stick with it!

In case you don't know anything about it, the general idea is that you choose 101 goals that you would like to complete in the next 1001 days - so since I am starting today I want to achieve my goals by the 28th of September 2013. I will report back on my progress at the start of each month and will come back to this post and cross out the items that I have completed.

And on to the list...

Health and Beauty
1. Achieve my goal weight of 60 kilograms - down to 70.7kg, so 10.7kg to go!
2. Exercise at least 4 times a week (41/572)
3. Use my Wii Fit at least 3 times a week (31/429)
4. Do a non Wii Fit workout at least once a fortnight (5/72)
5. Drink 2-3L of water a day (59/1001)
6. Stop drinking soft drink
7. Stop biting my nails
8. Have a massage
9. Take a long relaxing bath
10. Get a manicure
11. Get a pedicure
12. Buy a complete new outfit

13. Keep a spending diary (59/1001)
14. Save at least $5000 - I've saved $2,178 so far
15. Save $10 for every task I complete (70/1010)

16. Start a herb garden
17. Grow a vegetable garden
18. Plant more succulents
19. Start a compost
20. Start a home decorating inspiration journal
21. Fix up the set of drawers in my bedroom
22. Buy Zoe a wardrobe
23. Buy Zoe a big girl's bed
24. Buy Grace a big girl's bed

25. Post photos on Facebook monthly for family to view (2/33)
26. Talk to each immediate family member at least once a fortnight (4/72)
27. Start a family album

The Girls

28. Build a cubby house
29. Have a tea party
30. Build a puppet theatre
31. Create a dress up container
32. Toilet train Zoe - got a potty, undies and start chart - so ready to start!
33. Toilet train Grace

34. Sew a skirt
35. Sew a softie
36. Sew an item of clothing for each of the girls
37. Sew some felt food
38. Make a patchwork quilt
39. Learn embroidery
40. Learn to crochet
41. Finish my mosaic pots
42. Sketch at least one thing a week (60/143)
43. Do a watercolour painting - bought watercolour brushes, paint and paper so ready to go!
44. Use my wacom tablet
45. Complete a 365 day photo challenge (59/365)

46. Create a recipe database on Yum
47. Cook at least one new recipe a week (10/143)
48. Make my own pizza dough
49. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
50. Make marshmallows

51. Visit an art gallery
52. Go out dancing
53. Go to a flea market
54. Go to an op shop
55. Go on a picnic
56. Visit the botanical gardens in the city
57. Visit the botanical gardens in the hills
58. Go and feed the ducks
59. Go to the beach
60. Go to the museum
61. Go to a farmer's market
62. Go to a fair

Holidays and Birthdays
63. Have a handmade Christmas
64. Make gingerbread houses at Christmas time (0/2)
65. Send out Christmas cards (0/2)
66. Make an advent calendar
67. Make Christmas ornaments
68. Make a Christmas wreath
69. Throw Zoe a tremendous third birthday party
70. Throw Zoe a fantastic fourth birthday party
71. Throw Grace a fabulous first birthday party
72. Throw Grace a sensational second birthday party

73. Update my blog at least twice a week (59/286)
74. Create a business plan
75. Start a business
76. Sell something I have made

77. Finish studying Microeconomics
78. Finish studying Marketing & Society - started!
79. Finish studying Business Law - enrolled in session 2 2011
80. Finish studying Financial Management
81. Finish studying Accounting Systems - enrolled in session 3 2011
82. Finish studying Management Accounting 1
83. Finish studying External Reporting
84. Finish studying Business Organisations Law
85. Finish studying Management Accounting 2
86. Finish studying Company Accounting
87. Finish studying Auditing & Assurance Services
88. Start studying Accounting Theory
89. Start studying Taxation Law (Principles)

90. Sort out my music library on iTunes
91. Make an exercise play list - started
92. Make a "kid-safe" play list
93. Buy something from Etsy
94. Buy an iPod and dock
95. Get a nice address book and fill it up with family & friends
96. Sell something on ebay
97. Go without TV/video games/movies for a week
98. Have a movie marathon day
99. Improve my handwriting
100. Go for a walk at the beach at sunset
101. Write another list of 101 things to do for the next 1001 days (1/101)

Last updated 1st February 2011.


ArtMind said...

Wow, that's a massive list - even though it's spread out over 1001 days, it would really overwhelm me...
Good luck, Alicia & happy 2011! :)

Connie said...

Good luck with the list, I can't wait to follow you and see you complete it. I don't dare to make such a list, I don't think I would complete much of it:)

Sugar Daze said...

Wow, I am so impressed that you were actually able to come up with 101 resolutions! Good luck accomplishing them all and Happy New Year!

Paris Pastry said...

Pfew, that is quite a list! Thankfully you've got almost 3 years to complete it. #5, #48 and #60 are on my new year's resolutions list too. Good luck with your studies! And I haven't congratulated you on your beautiful baby girl Grace - so congrats :)!! Two girls, what a blessing.


apparentlyjessy said...

That is a mammoth list! I think there are many awesome things on there though, and 1001 days is plenty of time to get this done. We'll be here supporting you while you work on accomplishing it all!

Kat said...

That is a really great list! I love the idea of saving $10 for each completed task. I should have done something like that. One of my tasks is to write another list of 101 before my 1001 days is over and I will definately be getting some ideas off your list. Can't wait to see your first progress update in February.

Rose said...

Wowzers! So many great things on your long list. Im yet to make my list, but do have some goals I wannt to make for 2011.


Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

I like your spirit, Alicia! Certainly looks like 2011 will be a busy year for you. Good luck and Happy New Year! Glad you're back to blogging again.

GoddessMychele said...

I love this idea- very inspiring! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your awesome goals!

Eileen said...

ok, this is amazing! You will most definitely get everything accomplished before 2013! I think this is just so fabulous! I dare start one myself..? :) 101 things... How long did it take you to make the list?

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Eileen - it took me about three nights to come up with the list :)