Sunday, January 23, 2011

♥ Weekly Favourites ♥

Here is some loveliness that I have found this week...

Cupcake Cases

A big jar full of pretty cupcake cases, which reminds me that I am quickly running out of cupcakes cases myself. I think I must rectify that shortly!

Dutch Canal House

Image by sbrederode

How cute is this little house for kids? I know that Zoe would adore it, and she would totally get into that giant chalk board as well.

Rainbow Corn 1/99

Image by Camila Pink 

I think all kids would eat their vegetables if they looked like this - we need rainbow vegetables now!

round & round & round & square

Some very pretty granny squares - my inspiration for me to learn to crochet.


Love this image.

Now for some link love:

♥ This tutorial by Dottie Angel really plays on my heart strings

Making a custom day planner (part one of the series) with kyla roma 

♥ These amazing looking caramel popcorn cupcakes by 6 Bittersweets - drooool!

♥ A tutorial to make Scrabble tile magnets on Atypical Type A (can you tell I have a thing for magnets?)


Gabbi said...

Great favorites! I think my favorite are the cupcake liners... I need some too...

Wishing you a wonderful new week!♥

Alicia Parsons | Atypical Type A said...

Thanks for including my tutorial :)

I've just been going through your archives and now I'm hungry.

Mel said...

Ooh love the rainbow vegetables! My kids would so eat more vegies, if they were rainbow colours!!

Talia said...

That cubby is awesome! The caramel popcorn cupcakes look yummy too!

Xiaolu said...

That last photo is just stunning. LOVE. And of course thanks so much for linking to my cuppies, Alicia! You should join in the fun next challenge ;).

Anonymous said...

great to see my picture on this site. thanks!... and I want to learn to crochet too!

The Crafty Fox said...

I'm pretty obsessed with crocheting. Enough to have a yarn ball tattoo and crochet hook tattooed on my arm. Granny squares have to be my favorite. Once you start crocheting, you'll never stop.

oneordinaryday said...

How did I miss this roundup before? That corn on the cob is so much fun!