Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy Picks

Here are a few lovely Etsy shops that I have found this week...

Etsy Picks - Berkley Illustration
Berkley Illustration for adorable animal portraits - of course my favourite is the buck.

{ Pictured: Buck Print and Cheetah Print }

Etsy Picks - Zen Threads
Zen Threads for lots of cool printed tees, totes and scarves. I love the Alice in Wonderland tote - especially since that was my favourite movie as a child.

Etsy Picks - United Thread
Beautiful watercolour prints by United Thread. I am totally digging watercolour at the moment and I am actually hoping to get into a bit of it myself!

Etsy Picks - Memi The Rainbow
Memi The Rainbow has a lot of cute necklaces, brooches and stamps, amongst over gorgeous things. I am seriously loving that Little Red Riding Hood necklace - it is just too cute!

Etsy Picks - fric de mentol
fric de mentol has some really interesting gocco and watercolour prints - I'm totally digging on this twig couple, and I've secretly always wanted a gocco - but I just don't have the funds for it *sigh*.

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The Crafty Fox said...

Ooohh! Love this post! I have 25 Berkley illustrations hanging near my fireplace. I love them ALL!!