Sunday, January 16, 2011

♥ Weekly Favourites ♥

Here is some loveliness that I have found this week...

Image by midsummerly

This gorgeous shot of the sunshine filtering through her hair. Makes me think of a lovely autumn day with a cool breeze. Mmmmm I can't wait for autumn - I think it is my favourite season by far.

I so want to order my book case by colour - look at how pretty that looks! The only problem is that Zoe would probably destroy it within seconds, maybe I will have to wait a for a few years until the girls are older.

Image by 42things

Lovely ribbons. I think I need to start a ribbon collection - I'm not sure what for but it seems like it is a necessary thing to do.


More pretty colours - I think I am seeing a theme here...

Giant granny squares!

When I learn to crochet I would love to make a granny square blanket like this - now I just need to watch an online tutorial or two to figure out the whole process :P

Now for some link love:

♥ Check out the giveaway on A Beautiful Mess

♥ This cool time lapse video on ♥elycia

♥ The 52 week project (where you take one photo a week on a specific theme) on The Dainty Squid (I'm thinking of starting a 52 week project with self portraits)


ArtMind said...

Crocheting is so much fun! I have too little time now and I miss it! Boohoo!
Here's a great link to get started:

m.e (Cathie) said...

love your weekly finds.
i love collecting ribbons & buttons, now ribbons I can justify for wrapping presents but buttons I just love the look of in fowlers jars all in a row (not useful but ohh so pretty)

thanks sooo much for including me in your link love ♥

I'd love to know if you learn to crochet, I want to but not game yet.

happy week to you lovely ♥

42 things said...

I love the bookcase picture and the embroidery floss too....

Christy said...

I tried teaching myself crochet... no luck. Maybe next year.
You read "A Beautiful Mess" too. I'm so totally addicted to Elsie, but she is become very eccentric. I've told my husband if we ever to go America, we have to go to her shop. He just rolls his eyes

paperpocket said...

Oh, pretty! Such beautiful colours on that bookcase. It'd be great to have a colour coordinated shelf...but knowing me it'd be a mess within hours, of course you may be a whole lot more organised than my messy little self :P

Hoola Tallulah said...

Thanks so much for the feature, and what a lovely selection of photos, I LOVE the top one, beautiful lighting.

Gabbi said...

Gorgeously colorful finds, and I'm with you on the need of a ribbon collection... :)

Kat said...

That blanket is so cool! I love that the granny squares are all big ones joined together. I just learnt to crochet using Meet Me At Mikes granny square 101 videos. They were super helpful.

apparentlyjessy said...

Zoe if you want to learn to crochet you should go along to the Brown Owls at Mitcham, the lovely ladies there taught me how to do it in two sessions, and I am so grateful to them for it! If you go let me know and I'll make sure I am there too! <watch this blog for the next meeting time, I don't think its back till next month.

RedOrangePink said...

Hey Wow! That bottom photo is my living room. Emma Bee is my friend who took the photo. For more pics of my place, my flickr name is RedOrangePink. The giant granny rug was a present from my partner from an op shop. I love it.