Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 Sweets in 20 Weeks - Voting Time!

I am to post up the Banana Cream Pie tomorrow, but in the mean time get your mouse ready because it is voting time again - and this time you are voting for...

Image by laurat



Strawberry & Cream


You know what to do - get voting!


ArtMind said...

Can't wait for tommorrow! :)

Sharnee Torrents said...

Hello there dear Alicia!
WOW long time no Hello!! SOrry! I've also not been doing any of your scrummy cooking since you being back but all that's about to change! YAY! I wanted to do the 20 sweets in 20 weeks thing with you when you started all the way back last year.... so my children and I will hop back on and enjoy the ride with you once again! YAY! YAY!
THanks for the yummy things and I hope that this week weight loss wise is much more encouraging for you!! YOu're donig a super job!! It's always hard to be good after having a baby and that so well done lovely!!
SMiles SHarnee :)