Tuesday, March 10, 2009

101 in 1001 days

I was reading Get In My Belly the other day and I saw the post on 101 in 1001 days. Basically it is a list of 101 things (some are repeated multiple times during the challenge) to do in 1001 days. After reading through the entire list I decided that I had to steal the idea because I love to have goals to work towards and writing lists is probably one of my favourite past times. I am starting the challenge on Wednesday, the 11th of March, which means the last day of the challenge is December 6, 2011. So without further ado...

My 101 in 1001 days!

1. Keep hair style maintained with a haircut every 6 weeks (1/23)
2. Stop chewing fingernails (0/1001)
3. Get back to wedding day weight
4. Get some form of exercise at least 4 days a week (20/572)
5. Get outside every day (49/1001)
6. Have a bath once a month - don't worry I do shower daily (0/33)
7. Eat a healthy diet (25/1001)
8. Stop swearing (18/1001)
9. Drink 2-3L of water a day (49/1001)
10. Have a 5 minute planning time each day for the day ahead (49/1001)
11. Write down my dreams if I remember them (1)
12. Shave my legs at least once a week - ewww (7/143)
13. Brush my teeth twice a day every day (98/2002)
14. Buy something for myself at least twice a year (2/6)

15. Give Mat a kiss every morning and every night (42/1001)
16. Do something little each month on the 24th for our 'getting together' anniversary (2/33)
17. Celebrate our wedding anniversary (1/3)
18. Tell Mat I love him every day (49/1001)
19. Give Zoe a little brother or sister
20. Make Mat awesome birthday cakes (0/3)
21. Give Mat at least one hug a day (42/1001)
22. Relax on the couch together at least once a fortnight (8/71)
23. Get Mat a gift at least 3 times (0/3)
24. Stop nit-picking for Mat's sanity (49/1001)

25. Read to Zoe at least 7 times a week (59/1001)
26. Sing to Zoe daily (49/1001)
27. Tell Zoe I love her every day (49/1001)
28. Throw excellent birthday parties for Zoe with great cakes (0/3)
29. Give Zoe at least one hug a day (49/1001)
30. Talk to Zoe every day (49/1001)
31. Take Zoe to the zoo at least once (0)

32. Give Harry and Logan a cuddle every day (49/1001)
33. Play with the boys once a week (8/143)

Friends and Family
34. Attend my mothers group at least once a fortnight (4/71)
35. Talk to each member in my immediate family at least once a fortnight (34/213)
36. Have friends over for dinner at least once every 2 months (1/16)
37. Send out christmas cards (0/3)
38. See mum at least once a fortnight (16/71)
39. Post photos to Flickr and Facebook weekly for family and friends to view (6/143)
40. Put on christmas for immediate family each year (0/2)
41. Buy birthday gifts for friends and family from etsy (0)
42. Catch up with a friend at least once a fortnight (6/71)
43. Make birthday cakes for anyone who needs one (0)

44. Vacuum at least once a week (8/143)
45. Do the dishes daily (42/1001)
46. Wash sheets and towels weekly (7/143)
47. Finish painting the bathroom and toilet
48. Get a new oven
49. Clean bathroom/toilet at least once a fortnight (2/71)
50. Make the beds every day (49/1001)
51. Try to paint as much of the house as possible
52. Keep kitchen cupboards organised (49/1001)
53. Try to save power by keeping lights and appliances off (49/1001)

Cooking and Baking
54. Bake at least once a week (8/143)
55. Cook something new at least once a week (8/143)
56. Make a yummy dessert at least once a fortnight (4/71)
57. Participate in Iron Cupcake monthly (2/33)
58. Bake bread from scratch at least one (0)
59. Make a gingerbread house (0)
60. Improve my cake decorating skills
61. Take at least one cake decorating course (0)
62. Bake goods for christmas presents each year (0/3)
63. Make my own pizza dough at least once (0)

Art and Craft
64. Finish at least two mosaic pots (0)
65. Finish at least one softie (0)
66. Make at least one quilt (0)
67. Have some 'creative' time every week (9/143)
68. Learn to knit
69. Complete at least one embroidery pattern (0)
70. Work on my own comic
71. Sketch at least one thing weekly (5/143)
72. Make christmas stockings for the family (0/5)
73. Sew at least one item of clothing (0)

74. Grow a herb garden
75. Tend to my plants at least twice a week (10/286)
76. Do a clean up at least once a fortnight (4/71)
77. Plant some more succulents and cacti (0)
78. Bucket water from shower, bath, kitchen and laundry on to lawn daily (49/1001)

79. Study at least one subject per semester (0/6) - uh oh i quit!!
80. Complete each assignment to the best of my ability (1) - uh oh i quit!!

81. Post a Baking Monday entry every week (7/143)
82. Post a Wednesday Etsy Picks entry every week (7/143)
83. Post a Flickr Friday entry every week (7/143)
84. Make at least two other posts every week (17/246)
85. Continue to update my progress with this list (49)

86. Collect as many Pez dispensers and kinder surprise toys as possible (8)
87. Have at least one movie marathon day (0)
88. Give at least one compliment every day (49/1001)
89. Try 10 new restaurants (2/10)
90. Go to the movies at least 4 times (0/4)
91. Go to at least three concerts (0/3)
92. Make a list of 101 things I like about myself
93. Finish watching the Sopranos
94. Have a cup of tea every day (49/1001)
95. Plan the meals for the week ahead (8/143)
96. Attempt to use the drums on Rock Band
97. Dance in the lounge room at least 10 times (2/10)
98. Go on a picnic with the family at least 3 times (0/3)
99. Go for a swim at the beach (0)
100. Go to Mildura at least 4 times a year (0/12)
101. Smile everyday (49/1001)


breedwoman said...

looks like a great list! Good luck!

apparentlyjessy said...

I wish you the best of luck! Its like a really complex new years resolution list... you are going to be really busy, and get lots of achievements done!

Mat said...

66. How about a T-Shirt quilt?


Love ya Honey! :D