Monday, March 30, 2009

Baking Mondays - Chocolate Cupcakes

The KitchenAid has officially been broken in! Last night I baked chocolate cupcakes using Martha Stewart's one bowl recipe (thanks to Cassie from How to Eat a Cupcake for posting the recipe). It was an incredibly easy recipe and using my KitchenAid made mixing it up a breeze! Loved it!

I really wanted to make a chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, but it wasn't to be. By the time I got around to baking it was too late in the evening and I ran out of time. So I just made a normal chocolate buttercream since that is always quick and easy. The KitchenAid gave it such a good consistency - way better than the old hand beaters. Next time I need a buttercream though I will definitely be going the swiss meringue route - I need to know what it tastes like and how good the texture is - can't wait to experiment!

So the rating?

Me - 7/10, cake was moist and had a good texture, I think I could be a bit richer though. Also normal buttercream is getting boring - I think I need to move on :P

Mat - 5/10, cake was moist and good, but he isn't a huge fan of chocolate. The buttercream is way too sweet and overpowering.


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

I don't care what the ratings were. This cupcake looks fabulous. After my birthday tirimisu was subpar, I need a really good desert. So what did you name the new baby?


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I think me and Mat share the same opinions about plain old chocolate buttercream. Although I do admit that somehow my grandma makes it taste better than anything!

drollgirl said...

i wish i had one (or two!) right now as i know it would make me feel ALL BETTER.

Amanda said...

Haha. I'm glad you liked my disaster. :) It gave me a good laugh.

I am beyond jealous of your Kitchen Aid mixer! I'm waiting until I have... you know... counterspace before I take the plunge. Your icing looks divinely smooth though.

Kristina said...

KitchenAids are one of the finest of inventions, I think. I've used mine for everything-- from cakes and cookies to pie dough, to butter making. It's a miracle.

Sweetfern Handmade

alissa said...

you put me to shame! ive only made dough with my kitchenaid - never baked goods. and certainly never anything that looks SO amazing. you motivate me. im going to bake something and post photos (please dont laugh when you see them)

Veronica said...

mmmm that looks so good!!

Becky said...

Where did you find such bright blue cake cup holders? I need that chocolate cupcake now :)