Monday, March 16, 2009

Baking Mondays - Orange Cupcakes

This week I decided to make some orange flavoured cupcakes to use up the few oranges that I have lying around. I used this recipe from

For once I actually followed the recipe exactly, so there are no notes to go with these cupcakes.

The verdict?

Me - 6/10, unfortunately the oranges that I did have were pretty tasteless and even a bit tart so the frosting was bitter. The cake itself isn't too bad, but it certainly isn't anything amazing either.
Mat - hasn't tried one yet, so I will update with his verdict later.


drollgirl said...

well is sure looks pretty! i love orange-flavored frosting. yum.

apparentlyjessy said...

What a shame they didn't taste as good as you were hoping...they certainly LOOK good! :)

Emily said...

They look so pretty! I'm sorry that they didn't thrill you! -e

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I've never made orange cupcakes before! They look yummy! Of course, it's a good excuse to eat cupcakes for breakfast... just trying to get your vitamin C, right?? ;)