Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Etsy Picks - Ice Cream

1. Ice Cream Buddy Pin by Sprout Head
2. Ice Cream Sundae Cosmetic Zipper Pouch by Madame Cupcake
3. Yum Buttons by Paul and Kat
4. One Bunny and an Ice Cream Sundae by Little Brown Rabbit
5. Ice Cream Shop - Felt Food and Toy Pattern by Little Crickets Felt Fun
6. Ice Cream Boat Print by Baby Chick Designs
7. Banana Ice Cream Brooch by hannahdoodle
8. Custom Thank You Notes - Ice Cream with Cherry by imeon design
9. Popscicle, Brown Cow and Rocketpop Ice Cream People by Yee-Haw Industries

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boots said...

OMG i love the buttons and the ice cream people- SO CUTE! i wonder if any of them want to trade :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore this idea for a post. they're are all so precious and perfect!!
your blog makes me super happy :)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello Alicia!

Great to meet you :)

Thank you so much for including me in your post today- you've brought a BIG smile to my face!

x Em

Miss Dot said...

these etsy picks are quickly becoming the highlight of my week. i love the felt food and how cute would those ice cream prints look in a diner-style kitchen?

LeelaBijou said...

yummy, yummy! And soooo cute! ^_^

Paul and Kat said...

Oh! They are all so adorable and yummy looking! :) Thanks for including our Yumm Ice Cream buttons too!

Iva said...

oohhh so fabulous love the thank you notes!

Chantel said...

Mmmmmmm Icecreamy

My fave - the custom thank you notes - how cute are they?! :)

Elissa said...

I don't think I have ever craved an ice cream so much before. I am loving the thank you notes, I am going to have to look into those.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring one of my creations! It made me smile and smile all day. :) <3

Hannah Boulter said...

Sorry, didn't mean to leave it anonymous! Thanks again. :)