Friday, September 11, 2009

Flickr Friday - Nervous

1. Nervous wreck, 2. Anxious EXPLORE!, 3. Ready to go in, 4. You look nervous...., 5. [265-366] nervous, 6. No More Words: Nervous, 7. nervous, 8. Day 96: Nervous habit, 9. Nervous as Hell

I'm feeling a bit nervous today, just been spending lots of money! Very unlike me.

How are you feeling today?


Chantel said...

Ha! This was me last week. I like number 4 - You look nervous - it's a cool picture.

Hope your nerves die down soon.

I'm feeling good today! Once I finish work for the day I'm going out for dinner and ten pin bowling for a friends birthday - should be fun! So I've been looking forward to that all day :)

Maria said...

I am also a bit nervous...... waiting for a phone call...

tina tarnoff said...

A bit anxious, too, a bit irritated, a bit sleepy. Hope you feel better!

Becky said...

I am feeling like I need to leave work asap!

Oh so your worked in printing- how funny! So CMYK and 14pt card stock gets you all excited lol I like it and I've learned alot - kinda know photoshop now, I know everything about paper lol whooowooo
What did you do there?