Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I Love Wednesdays - Family Holidays

Well we are back from our little trip away to Melbourne. We got up super early last Thursday and headed off on our way at 4:30am. It was a 10 hour car drive in total - including a few stops to feed Zoe and change nappies.

Mat and Zoe at our first stop in Bordertown.

Zoe handled the drive there and back really well, she was quite happy munching on arrowroot biscuits, cheese sticks and sandwiches, playing with her pegs and toys, having nice long naps and chatting away to us from the back seat.

The Navman came in handy for our trip - it even told us what lane to be in on the freeways in Melbourne, very handy.

This was our third time driving around Melbourne and we did really well. The streets are much busier than Adelaide so it is a bit scary, also everyone seems to beep and speed more. We got the hang of it though (and when I say we I mean Mat, he did all the driving).

Driving through a tunnel in Melbourne.

We were in Melbourne for four nights and I managed to take very little photos! So I'm sorry about that. Mostly I didn't think to take photos when we were relaxing with family and when we were out and about we were either driving (blurry photos) or it was raining! I promise I will be better next holidays.

We stayed at my sister in law's house along with her husband, 5 kids and my parents in law. So all up there was 12 of us in the house! There was a lot of Rock Band playing, movie watching, shouting at Australian Idol and lots of great food. It was great. We also got a surprise tooth pop up on Friday - so now Zoe has 4 teeth and more on the way.

Zoe on our shopping trip in Melbourne City.

We ventured into the city on Saturday to do some light shopping. I found a cake decorating shop and got some supplies - a new icing tip, some couplers, circle cookie cutter set, disposable icing bags, a serrated pastry wheel and a pastry mat. Yay! We also stopped by our favourite art gallery - Outre gallery and ogled the artworks, but we decided we should pay off my oven and digital camera instead of buying anything :(

Zoe eating her crumpet.

Sunday was the stand out day for us I took my sister in law to a retreat for her birthday and we enjoyed a 3 hour pamper session - including morning tea, a spa bath, a facial, a massage and a pedicure - lovely! After that Mat, Zoe and I visited some wonderful friends of ours in Sunbury and then finally enjoyed a lovely roast at home with apple pie for dessert. Can't complain!

Monday we headed off at 9am and finally got home at 6:30pm - and I have to say it is good to be home! Now I have to catch up with my Google Reader - only 510 posts to check!!


Ash said...

What a cutie Zoe is!!

mum/toddler/babe said...

Sounds great! So jealous of your pampering session!!

Chantel said...

Awww sounds like awesome family time!! The photos you took of Zoe are really awesome - she is so cute.

It's a long drive isn't it. Did you see the Koala?!

How does google reader work? Hrmm... am I missing some cool gadget that can help me keep up with blogs? :)

Becky said...

oh man pampering!!!! How awesome! You have the toughest job ever - you totally deserve it!! Zoe's pictures are hilarious! She's way too cute!

apparentlyjessy said...

Great to see you had a good time in Melbourne! I like the sound of 3 hours of pampering!
I received my cupcake print yesterday! Thank you very much, it's awesome! I plan to find a frame worthy of it, and will possibly hang in in the kitchen! Thank you!

vintagelaundress said...

Zoe is a cutie! So happy to have found your blog.

hiro said...

Nice to meet you.

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Please link me with the blog if it is good.