Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Etsy Picks - Gnomes

1. Gnomes by Multiple Personality
2. Camel/Red Gnome Cushion Cover by Pixelknit
3. Garden Gnome Softie by sew sew suck ur toe
4. Gnome Book Plates - Set of 8 by Art by Lisa Loo
5. Three Woodland Gnomes by painting pixie
6. 2 Inch Light Gnome Rubber Stamp by nikoart
7. Gnome Postcard Pack (6 cards) by isabell's umbrella
8. Wee Gnome. Preppy. by humbleBea's
9. Gnome on mushroom with cake and ladybug - Giclee Print by Steve Morris Art


Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring my wee gnome in your gorgeous treasury! I am honored! (-:

Tina Tarnoff said...

Oh my god! These are so cute!

randi said...

great gnome collection! i love those little guys. ;-)

Carlos said...

gnomes scare me...

Becky said...

Oh man I love gnomes :) growing up i watched David the Gnome on Nick! My dad carves gmones out of wood lol gnomes all over!

Chantel said...

These are cool! Reminds me of a few funny stories!

My favourite is the Wee Gnome :)

drollgirl said...

gahaha!!! gnomes are SO CUTE!!! i think i love them all!

Amanda said...

What is it about these tiny men in their giant hats that makes them sooo easy to love?!

Great set. ;)