Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 9 Months Zoe!

Today my little baby girl is 9 months old and what a month it has been.

Zoe has definitely taken to commando crawling. She loves doing laps around the coffee table, playing with the amplifier and torturing the cats. She has crawled properly a few times, but for now she seems to prefer the commando style.

We have discovered that she loves to knock things over and to pull objects out of containers and bags. Needless to say a lot of my day is spent on the floor with her stacking up things for her to knock over and putting things in containers for her to drag out. She gets the biggest grin when we please these games and normally lets out a giggle as well.

She loves to say dada, which is completely adorable - just not at 2am in the morning! Now I am hanging out for her to say mum.

We got our third tooth this month after a very difficult week, poor little thing. Interestingly the tooth that has appeared is her eye tooth and not one of her middle teeth, so she is getting them slightly out of order. She might have an interesting smile for a while.

Zoe has learnt the word "kiss" and will now give you a lovely open lip kiss when you ask for one. She even gives her teddies kisses if requested and loves to give herself a snog in the mirror. To go along with the kisses Zoe is now super cuddly and gives both mummy and daddy lots of hugs and cuddles, which is super adorable.

Happy 9 month day Zoe - I love you lots and lots, plus one!

I wonder what this next month will have in store for us?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful grrrl!

miranda said...

happy three-quarters birthday to zoe! what a sweetie - love those blue eyes and hearing of her kissy ways. ;-)

Amanda said...

Every time you post pictures of Zoe, I think that she is so lucky to have such gorgeous pictures of herself as she grows up. I know my baby pictures look super rough, but she'll have amazing pictures to show friends in middle school when everyone else is cringing. :)

drollgirl said...

she is so adorable! you guys are so lucky!

Mermaid Sews said...

Wow, those eyes are breathtaking. Thanks for the welcome back. I am glad to be back and sorry to missed commenting.

Chantel said...

Happy 9 Months Zoe!

That post was so lovely! The cuddles and the giggles sound so adorable!

Come on Zoe, say mum soon! :)