Friday, July 3, 2009

Flickr Friday - Fun

1. Day 179/365: Autumn is fun, 2. i like fun, 3. Friday Fun Socks (day 81), 4. Fun in the sun {}, 5. Having fun, 6. Free Fun Colorful Retro Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone Creative Commons, 7. buckets of fun!, 8. Summer time fun!!, 9. Chains of fun


drollgirl said...

i love the last photo on the bottom right!

but have you ever ridden one of those?!!? i must be a pansy, as i am afraid of heights, and that ride gave me the shakes! i know, i am a total weenie. but i love the shot. LOVE.THE.SHOT!!!

meaning: you have great taste.

christ i am babbling today!


Chantel said...

I just love the autum leaves in the air! :)

Becky said...

geez that #6 is the BEST!!! :)

Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

I want that ice cream cone more then I've ever wanted anything else before.

It looks so good.