Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Etsy Picks - Cats

1. Marianne and Marshmallow Print by The Black Apple
2. Cat Measuring Tape by Feltmates
3. Dover Cat by Marjji
4. Little Kitty Katty Necklace by Shere Design
5. Yoga Lotus Poise by JooJoo
6. Tilly the Gingham Cat Shoes by Em & Sprout
7. Catnip Eyeballs by HannaPT
8. Little Miss Bluebow by Sleepy King
9. Cheetah Print by Berkley Illustration


Chantel said...

Meow :)

My favourites: Dover Cat & Yoga Lotus Poise...


black vanilla rose said...

I've gota admit your etsy picks are one of the highlight of my week!! I especially love that first print, how sweet xxx

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

My post for YOU is up! :D

alissa said...

awww i love the top right one - gray just like my cat! mines just much chubbier!

JooJoo said...

What a lovely collection Alicia! Many many thanks for including my yoga girl!

Your blog is wonderful! Full of joy and yummy stuff :)

HUGS!! xox

june said...

coool! i fucking loooove cats!!

kiss xoxo

Becky said...

Those catnip eyeballs are my favorite!!!!

Amanda said...

"Cheetah Print" creeps me out. When animals are dressed and acting like humans... I get a little creeped out. :)