Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 Honest Things About Myself

I was tagged a while ago by Lorelei from Mermaid Sweets and I thought it was about time that I finally got around to writing my 10 things...

1. I love Zombie movies and horror movies in general, well at least I used to. Since I had Zoe I have become somewhat more wussy and now I tend to scream and hide during horror movies. I am hoping that I can once again watch my gore one day.

2. I have two beautiful, wonderful cats. Harry (named after Harry Potter) is a chocolate Burmese and Logan (named after Wolverine) is a brown spotted Oriental. They are awesome!

3. During my high school years I wore knee socks to school almost every day. I was commonly known as the sock girl.

4. I am a serial studier. I completed an Honours degree in Computer Science, started and quit a PhD in Computer Science, started and quit a Diploma of Interior Decoration, started and quit a Bachelor of Teaching, and finally I have just applied for a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). Can you tell that I am indecisive?

5. I collect vinyl toys, and I want more!

6. I have moved a fair bit in my 27 years in this world. I have lived in Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), Nhulunbuy (Northern Territory) and Adelaide (South Australia), and I have lived in a total of 16 houses. Hopefully I won't be moving anytime soon!

7. I can not shop! I have panic attacks when I go out shopping for just about anything (except for groceries). I'm hoping one day I can get past this issue since all my socks have holes in them and all my underwear is looking very old.

8. My all time favourite dessert is cheesecake - unbaked lemon cheesecake. Can life get any better than that? In fact if I knew the world was coming to end - having some lemon cheesecake would be very high on my list of things to do.

9. I collect comics. I used to collect quite a few - and nearly all of them were X-Men. Now I just collect X-Factor (a X-Men series) and The Walking Dead (an awesome zombie comic).

10. I don't like coffee and I never will.

Now I shall tag...
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drollgirl said...

this is so cool! i love your answers! i love your kitties!!! you are schmart, even if you are not always decisive! i hate coffee too. barf.

Becky said...

I love love that you did this! You are a very interesting and super adorable person :) Can't believed you've moved so much! I love your kitties! I love the socks! Love it all! Thanks for the tag!

Amy said...

I loved reading that!

Your cats are gorgeous :) I have two kitties too

Wow the Christmas Islands - my mum is fascinated by them and wants to visit..


black vanilla rose said...

great post... i want a kitty, i'm so jealous you have two :) also how awesome are vinyl toys, i mean seriously xxx

Virginia said...

Great read Alicia!!! Now I have to think of my list.....

Didn't know you were into your comics. My hubby has a great Phantom comic collection and I have been known to go to a comic convention or two with him in a past life! :P

sherri said...

those answers are all great. the vinyl toy pic is awesome. who is that guy wielding the wrench?

Anonymous said...

Sherri - he is one of the characters from Gorillaz :)

alissa said...

your cats are SO cute! i love that they snuggle.

id be happy to shop for you anytime. i suppose the fact that were on different continents poses a problem. but i like to shop TOO much haha

Mermaid Sweets said...

Sooo cool, it was great learning more about you. I really just can't understand the horror movie thing, I just can't even make it through previews. Wish I didn't like to shop sometimes. So, the plan is business school now huh, good for you.

Amanda said...

This is a great list. Fun to read and I love the pictures.

By the way, my brother is a huge fan of zombies in general and The Walking Dead in specific. :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Um so from this meme I was able to detect that aside from the comic books and moving a lot, we're pretty much the same person! I love zombie movies TO THE MAX!! Thanks for the tag! ;D

José said...


"7. I can not shop! I have panic attacks when I go out shopping for just about anything (except for groceries). I'm hoping one day I can get past this issue since all my socks have holes in them and all my underwear is looking very old."

You need to get rid of your socks and underwear :-)

Have a fine Sunday,


apparentlyjessy said...

I loved learning more about you Alicia, I love that you love zombies and comic books and vinyl toys, that is so cool!
Your kitties are super adorable, and they have such glamorous shiny coats!

Chantel said...

Hello Love! I just saw this now...doh! Shall get cracking and come up with something soon :)

We had cheesecake at work yesterday - Baked cheesecake but it was SO GOOD. I'd wash it down with coffee though! ;)

Socks are cool!

I used to think I could watch scary movies - I like them, but always need to look away when the blood and gore come out...what a wuss!!