Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week In Photos

Blue skies smiling at me
The joy of blue skies on a beautiful spring day.

A trip to the park to make Miss Z and Miss G ecstatically happy.

Hello ladybug!
A quick visit by a cute little ladybuy.

Miss G getting into drawing.

Games Night - Nov 13
Games night with my peeps - hats were worn, virgin pina coladas were drunk, pizza was had, chips were destroyed and zombies were decimated.

Zoe's drawing
Miss Z did this special drawing just for me, she is such a talent.

Future foot models.

Zoe's drawing of Twilight Sparkle as a person
Miss Z's drawing of Princess Twilight Sparkle as a person - the tail is kind of unfortunately placed (oh dear).

Who would of thought that the promise of washing the car tomorrow would get two little girls to sleep so quickly. Mummy spoils them.

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