Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time to get creative

I think I have always been a pretty creative person. From a young age I would spend hours with my crayons doing drawing after drawing, I loved my colouring-in books, and I used to make sculptures out of polymer clay. Once I got to high school my mum spoilt me nearly every birthday with art supplies and I continued to create art works, and my favourite classes were Art and Design and I really excelled in them too. Throughout my university lectures I was constantly drawing on my notes and at night while I waitressed my order pads would be filled with sketches and my breaks were spent drawing the people around me.

It wasn't until I started seeing my ex-husband that the creativity started to slow - and even ceased for a while. I guess it picked up again when I started blogging - my creative outlet was the baking I was doing and the photos I was taking. But looking back it felt like a chunk of me was missing. So now I am on a mission. A mission to set my creative self free again. Slowly it is starting and I have had a few creative projects during my time away from the blog.

Like my Monster High doll repaint (yes I am a crazy doll lady)...
Alice doll

There have been a whole heap of decorated cakes - including my entry into the 2011 Threadcakes competition.
Threadcakes 2011

I got my watercolours out a few times. Like this time when I painted a little Adventure Time piece for a good friend of mine.
Adventure Time

I did this mammoth cross stitch for my mum, I still haven't got a good photo of the finished product (since I am waiting for her to get it framed) - but the finished piece has over 50,000 crosses!
Mega cross stitch

And I have been doing a bit of sketching, including this little piece that may become a bit of body art at some point in the future.
Tattoo idea

But now I want to up the ante and live a more creative life again. I don't exactly know what I am going to get up to, but I do know that having a creative outlet is an essential part of my life. So bring it on.

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