Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm back...

I never thought I would come back to this blog, but it hit me today while I was cooking dinner for me and the girls - I miss my blog. I miss blogging and the way it seems to make me want to make the best out of my life. I miss the online community and I miss looking at all the prettiness going on in blog land. So I think I am back. I'm not sure what kind of blog this will become - but for now it will just be a place for me to record what is happening in my life - my family, my friends, maybe some art/craft/cooking and who knows what else. I guess whatever I feel like at the time.

Now I guess I should give a quick recap of my life over the last two and a half years.

Zoe turned three back in 2011 and started going to child care, which she thoroughly enjoyed - and it also really helped her come out of her shell.

12 Months
Gracie turned one in 2011 and was a very contented baby/toddler - she would love plonking down in the sandpit and getting filthy, and she really took to her food - so lovely to have a child that is not a picky eater!

The Girls (July)
In July 2012 we moved house - we had been living next door to my mother, which was incredibly helpful, but now we live a few suburbs over and are our own little independent family. It was sad to move away from mum, but the new house is fantastic and such a great place for the girls to be brought up in.

Zoe (October)
Zoe turned four in 2012 and started going to kindergarten. She was a little shy to start with, but now she absolutely loves it and has her little gang of friends - so stinking cute!

Grace (October)
Gracie turned two in 2012 and started child care, she is a bit upset when I drop her off - but as soon as I am out of the building she starts having a blast.

October 2013
Zoe turned five last month and that means she is off to school next year!!! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is getting to be so independent now and even starting to learn to read. God - she will be in high school before I know it.

October 2013
And last month Gracie turned three. Little miss three year old is finally toilet trained and is such a chatterbox! Now if only we can get the tantrums and whinging under control, well I guess they don't call it the trying threes for nothing.

What else? I stopped studying because I just wasn't feeling it and the stress was really getting to me. I met someone and had a relationship on and off for just over a year. Obviously that is over now and I am single again. I also had surgery - abdominoplasty, that was 8 weeks ago so I still have a pretty major looking scar across my tummy, but I am on the mend.

Now I am feeling optimistic and ready to attack life. I'm getting ready to put myself out into the world, to be the healthiest I have ever been and lead the most fun and creative life I have every led. Good times are definitely ahead.

I'll be back soon.


Connie said...

What a nice surprise on a rainy Sunday. Can't wait to see what you are up to:)

osmund said...

yay - so pleased to see you back! :)

Gabi said...

In japanese (but I'm brasilian)is: 'Okaerinasai' it's means: Welcome back :D