Sunday, February 8, 2009

Foccacia, cupcakes, daydreaming

I ventured out today with my mum and Zoe to go to lunch and to go to one of the only cupcake shops in Adelaide. First we went to a small cafe on Norwood Parade for a foccacia - I had one with smoked turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce and brie. It was really good, the bread was light and fluffy, the turkey was flavoursome and the brie was nice and creamy. Unfortunately the customer service left a lot to be desired so we won't be going back there.

Our next adventure took us to the Cupcake Cafe and I hate to be negative about it - but I was disappointed. The shop itself was small, poky and I wasn't a fan of the decor - so my first impressions were not all that great. Then I didn't get the best customer service either, no smile, no 'how are you today?' and it all felt very rushed. Then to top it all off the cupcakes were okay, but nothing special. Both of the flavours were very mild and the icing was nothing amazing. I feel like the cupcakes I bake at home are just as good and they don't cost $4.20 each.

Choc-Orange Cupcake & Banana Caramel Cupcake

After a double disappointment we retired to my mum's house and daydreamed about opening up our own dessert shop where we would sell tasty sweets, have amazing decor and always have fantastic service. Now we just need to win the lottery so that we can open shop.


drollgirl said...

i hope you get your own shop someday! it stinks going out to places and paying money and knowing you could have done a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better job.

Emily said...

Yum. These look so delicious, I think it's time for me to stop clicking around the blogosphere and go cook dinner. -e

Kylie @ The Rockgarden said...

i'm following your footsteps and just googled "adelaide cupcake shop" and found your post! did you have any luck with the two other cupcake retailers in adelaide?