Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kitchen wish list

Every time I make anything in the kitchen I am reminded of all the things that I would love to have but can't afford. Unfortunately our kitchen leaves a lot to be desired, it has next to no storage space, a single basin sink, an oven that can't hold a steady temperature and an exhaust fan that barely works. It does tend to make baking and cooking a tad bit difficult - but I still soldier on week after week. In the long run when I am no longer a stay at home mum and we have two incomes again we will renovate the kitchen and make it into a wonderful place for me to cook and bake to my hearts content. In the meantime I am starting to make my wish list for my future kitchen and here are the first four items....

1. A new oven - with a gas cooktop and electric oven such as this one from smeg.
2. A cute apron from Jessie Steele to do all of my baking in.
3. A whole heap of storage jars for all of my baking/cooking ingredients from ikea.
4. A KitchenAid - need I say more?

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