Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home alone on a Saturday night

What a busy week! Mat's sister and her family came to stay on Thursday and Friday night - so we had an extra 6 bodies in the house. It was great to catch up, have a chat and to see the little ones.

On Friday Mat took his nephew and his nephew's mate to the Big Day Out here in Adelaide (a massive musical festival in 42 degrees celsius weather!). The lucky man got to see a few of my favourite bands including Arctic Monkeys, Dropkick Murphys and Fantomas. Meanwhile, I got to chill out at home in the air conditioning with Zoe, my mum, my nephew and my niece. We had fun playing the x-box, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and eating coloured popcorn. It was great to hang out with the little ones, it made me excited to think that Zoe will be talking, laughing and running around one day too.

Fast forward to today we saw Mat's sister's family off, I did the grocery shopping, Mat slept on the couch and Zoe spent a good part of the day trying to roll over. Now Zoe is asleep and Mat is out seeing Jackson Firebird play (the band he manages).

If you haven't heard of Jackson Firebird they are an awesome 2 piece aussie rock band. Check out their myspace page. to have a listen to their songs and see their video clip. Ha! That was some shameless promotion if ever I have seen it.

Jackson Firebird Live

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