Monday, March 7, 2011

Move it to Lose It - Week 11

Move it to lose it - 12 Week Challenge

Starting weight: 75.2kg 
Previous weight: 70.7kg 
Current weight: 71.1kg

Argh. My first weight gain - only 400 grams but still I am very disappointed in myself. I only used the Wii Fit twice last week, and I did quite a bit of emotional eating. But seen as this is the last week of my challenge I am going to be trying really hard this week - going to jump on the Wii Fit every day and really watch what I eat. As long as I am back under the pre-pregnancy weight I will be happy, but it would also be lovely to get down to 70kg. I think that is wishful thinking though.


By the Bluegrass said...

Don't be hard on yourself! It could just be water weight. You've done a fantastic job with the weight loss. But, you gotta be easy on yourself. Also, remember to mix up your exercise program....if you get board w/ the wii, then dance, do steps, ect.
of course, I am no one to be giving advice on this matter. I have so much weight to loose, but I know how easy it to fail if you are too rigid and hard on yourself. Besides, your cute as a button, I am sure you look fabulous!

Stuart said...

We love you regardless of your weight and are proud of you for what you have already achieved, especially considering you're a full time mum with 2 kids. Well done Alicia. *HUGS* :)

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Sena - thank you I think I have been too hard on myself lately and when I do get too hard on myself the first thing I feel like doing is eating. Pretty silly really.

Stuart - thanks :) - I'm trying.

Rose said...

Agree with Stuart :)
Well done on your loss so far, you never know, that gain could be some muscle?
Goodluck with your next week!


Meg said...

You're doing so well!! Good luck and keeeeeep going!!