Monday, December 22, 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

It is christmas time again and our first ever christmas as a little family - awwww! We have the christmas tree up with a few presents under it, there are christmas cards pegged up around the house and I've been singing lots of christmas carols to Little Z. So I am definitely getting into the christmas cheer.

Yesterday Mat looked after Little Z for most of the day so that I could do some christmas baking - I made apricot balls, rum balls and truffles all from the wonderful Exclusively Food website. I must say they all turned out wonderfully but my favourite would have to be the delicious truffles. All of them were so easy to make, which is great when you have a 9 week old and not much spare time. Now I just need to wrap them up in some cellophane, tie them with string and pop them in my little christmas baskets to make them into presents for the relatives and my work. I love giving yummy home made gifts for christmas and most of the time people love receiving them.

Here is a photo of the yummy christmas goodness....

Speaking of photos I really want to get a new camera - I have decided that ours is too old and dodgy. Now I just need to research what camera to get and of course find the money to actually buy one. Or I could just dream about buying one for a while ... damn money!

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