Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bits and Bobs #2 - Basting, Quilt Books and Attempting to Shop

New Crafty Books

This past week was pure madness - work was crazy busy, I had a mini-cold, it was the last week of school holidays and the weather was wild! It was seriously exhausting, but we still managed to have a good time - these were some of the highlights:
  • A trip to the library - where we scored novels for Zoe, a stack of picture books, a bunch of graphic novels, a 500 piece puzzle, a few magazines and a couple of books on sewing and quilting. Gotta love the library.
  • Having my hair cut and dyed - bye bye premature greys!
  • Lunching at the McDonalds I used to work at when I was 15 - almost 19 years ago! It hit me that most of the people that are now working there were not even born when I was there. I'm sooooo old, maybe those greys aren't that premature!
  • A trip to the local park - where I was bombarded with screaming children *shudders*.
  • Going to the Sewing, Stitching and Hand Craft Show, which in all honesty was pretty much a disappointment - I just didn't see anything that really jumped out at me, but also I had the girls with me and they refuse to let me actually look at anything properly. Le sigh.
  • Visiting the paediatric dentist for Zoe's teeth - she has developmental dental defects and is going to need a bunch of work done - 3 fillings, 3 fissure seals and 2 metal crowns. On the up-side she is excited about the chocolate scented happy gas that she is going to have with her treatments. It's the small things.
  • A dinner/play date - complete with homemade pizzas, jelly cups and games of Uno. Nobody even threw the deck across the room - I was impressed.
  • The girls having a sleepover at Bay's (grandma's) house - thus enabling me to stay late at work, then work from home, and then get into work early the next morning. Awesome-sauce. 
  • Spending a huge day in the city with the little ladies - tram rides, a visit to my office - so they could see where I work, lunch at the art gallery, book shopping, bakery break and toy shopping. This then led to general grumpiness in the household from exhaustion.

I just have to put this out there, I can not - can not - choose fabric at a store when the girls are with me! We were in a fabric store twice this week, and while I was trying to choose my fabrics they were both running around like crazy people and continually asking if I was done yet - like every 5 seconds! Arrghh!! Both times I walked out with nothing - I guess at this stage I have to wait until I am child free (which is hardly ever) or order online. The joys of single parenting ;).

In the creativity department I have kept pretty busy this week. I did a huge section of my house cross-stitch and then realised I had made a pretty major stuff up! I am too grumpy about it to even look at it right now - but at some point I will have to undo everything that I did in my last session. Very frustrating! So cross stitch has been a big fat failure this week, but I have made a lot of progress on my hexagon basting for the mega quilt. I am powering through (thanks Gilmore Girls) and will hopefully start piecing again soon.

Forever Basting...

I also got a few new books in the mail this week (mmmm I love that new book smell) - Quilts from the House of Tula Pink by Tula Pink, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink and Sew to Swap by Chrissie Grace. I am promising myself that this week I will start my quilted table runner so that I can actually start attempting some of these beautiful patterns in these books. So much to do - so little time!

Reading: Quilts from the House of Tula Pink by Tula Pink

Listening: Crafty Planner podcast - I won't know what to do with myself once I have caught up on these!

Watching: Gilmore Girls (up to season 3 now), Orange is the New Black (season 3) and The Walking Dead (season 6)

Eating: Badly! I have been feeling super unorganised - so dinners have been very haphazard and work lunches were scarce.

Til next time!

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