Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Etsy Picks - Video Games

1. Space invaders vinyl wall decal by Loudmouth Design and Printhouse
2. Tetris button badge by Janelloshea Badges
3. Pacman ghost t-shirt by No Demographic
4. 1 up mushroom by Picuu
5. Pacman cufflinks by Dedalo
6. NES controller cuff by Betty Death
7. Tetris fused glass pendant by Urban Fusions
8. Nintendo boy by Love and Monsters
9. Nintendo zapper necklace by NB's Closet
10. Nintendo DS rubber stamps by Fat Pumpkin
11. Pacman 3 pillow set by Modernality
12. Super Mario Buttons by Lost Mitten


Brian said...

Lol, that 1-up mushroom is awesome!

Amanda said...

haha... I was going to leave a comment along the lines of "I love the ________!" But then I realized that I was just listing all of the pictures in the blank.

Great collection. :)

Becky said...

1 up mushroom is my favorite! I'm sharing this around the office for sure!

Modernality said...

What a great post! Love that tetris pendant. Thanks so much for including my Pacman Pillows :)

drollgirl said...

i am so terrible at these games. TERRIBLE. but i love scrabble like MAD.

Kai said...

Great idea. Thank you for posting my pacman cufflinks :)

picuu said...

Thank you for posting my 1up mushroom :D

black vanilla rose said...

I love the space invaders wall decals... i know where i'll be shopping next week once i've been paid :] thanks for the heads up xxx

Adela said...

i love that knit mushroom thing! =)