Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week in Photos

Dirt Cake for Archer
A cake that I made for young Archer - and yep that is his head in the photo, checking out his cake. So cute.

Getting my quilting on
Slowly making progress on my mega huge quilt, almost finished cutting all of the fabric - just one more cutting session required.

Advent Calendar
Our little advent calendar all finished and ready for the girls - and yes I do know that it only goes up to 21 - but that is the day their daddy comes to pick them up.

December 2013
All ready to party - and what a great party it was - hours of bouncy castle fun!

November 2013
Fun at the beach on a beautiful (almost) summer day.

Zoe's welcome pack!
Getting ready for Zoe to go to school next year - so exciting!

Pom pom mania
Making a whole heap of pom poms for a friend - watching Lilo and Stitch and Sleeping Beauty made it lots of fun.

November 2013
Child care Christmas party fun - there were a few tears but the girls had great fun on the bouncy castle and dancing the night away.

November 2013
Another day another party - busy, busy!

December 2013
The tree is up and it is definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, I love this time of year.

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